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From Contact To Account

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Add your contacts to easily manage emails, phone calls, and meetings. Take notes and easily share information between team members.

Quick Elements Contact


Track conversion status, lead source, campaigns, opportunity amount, and more with leads management. A workflow that makes it easy for team members to work together in the most efficient way possible.

Quick Elements Contact


Once you've secured an account, keep them happy by tracking cases, tasks, activities, and more. Share information about an account between team members with ease.

Our world class software engineers will build you a website, and you can always make changes on your own when you need to.

Manage Your Relationships Like Your Customers Deserve

A central place for storing your customers information goes a long way in building trust between you and your clients. Manage everything from one place.

  • Understand customers and meet their requirements
  • View reports and analytics to better understand your sales process
  • At the end of the day Quick Elements CRM helps you convert more leads into sales
Upgrade your website with Quick Elements

Customer Relationship Management

Take your business to the next level with Quick Elements.

Build and grow your online brand with Quick Elements


Quick Elements CRM allows you to manage everything. From your calendar, to tasks, leads, contacts, accounts, templates, email, calls, meetings, and more.

  • Track your sales process
  • Easily pick up with your last team member left off
  • Leave a powerful impression on your customers
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Save money on hosting and development costs with Quick Elements


Full insights into your business. Track what works and what doesn't to improve conversion rates and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Sales pipeline
  • Sales by period of time
  • Revenue by month
  • Opportunites by lead source
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Save time with Quick Elements - Have your website built for you

Save Time

Focus on your business instead of moving data around.

  • Automatically add new leads from your website
  • Use email templates to respond to common questions
  • Take calls and send text messages with the click of a button
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